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Apple Clove - A great apple spice scent - a favorite!
Apricot Chamomile - a beautiful blend. Not too fruity or too floral.

Baby Powder - A very true scent. The candle color is white.
Bamboo - A clean bamboo and green tea spa type scent.
Banana Bread - The small of warm banana bread from the oven.

Black Cherry - A strong, fruity black cherry scent.
Black Raspberry Vanilla - Excellent combination of black raspberries & vanilla.
Blessings - the warmest, strongest COUNTRY CINNAMON SPICE scent  yet!

Blueberry Muffin - Warm blueberry's a strong one!
Bonfire Bliss - Falling leaves, bonfire and sweet marshmallows! It's great!! .

Butt Naked - Watermelon, coconut and kiwi...a best seller!
Butternut Crunch - A rich, nutty, and creamy vanilla - a welcoming scent.

Caramel Pecan - Rich and decadent...this one will make your tongue hang out.
Chestnuts and Brown Sugar - warm roasted chestnuts swirled with sweet brown sugar. A best seller!

Cinnamon Crunch - My personal favorite Cinnamon scent! It's a strong house filler. A baking type cinnamon...I love it and I don't think you'll be disappointed!!
Cinnamon Vanilla - Rich vanilla smothered in spicy cinnamon.. a favorite!

Coconut Lime - just like the scent of the tropics!

Coffee Shop - The rich scent of freshly ground coffee - a coffee lovers favorite

Cool Citrus Basil - a clean, green herbal scent.
Country Cottage - A wonderful new scent! A bit of maple, a shot of bourbon and a dash of spice. Nice and won't be disappointed!

Country Morning Hotcakes - smells like Aunt Jemima's kitchen!
Creme Brulee - A strong sweet vanilla scent topped with rich caramel.
Cupcake - Smells just like you've got a batch of cupcakes in the oven.
Eucalyptus - A Vicks Vapor Rub type of scent perfect for winter sinuses.
Farmhouse Kitchen - All time best seller! Like spice cookies or gingerbread.
Forget Me Not - the truest fresh flower scent I have ever found.

Gardenia -  The beautiful scent of this tropical bloom is amazing.

Grandma's House - apples, cinnamon, vanilla...just the way my Grandmother's smelled when I was a child. 

Honeysuckle - A true wild honeysuckle scent.
Island Coconut - Smells like the suntan oil with a hint of pineapple.

Jasmine - a very true Jasmine scent, just like the flower. 

Lavender - A very realistic herbal lavender known for its soothing properties.
Lemongrass - a clean and  fresh citrus scent.
Lemon Biscotti - Lemon cookies at their finest!
Lilac - One of the first flowers of spring...this is a very true lilac scent.
Lily of the Valley - One of the unforgettable scents of Spring. 

Linen- clean and crisp. Just like fresh clean laundry.

Log Cabin - Cedar and pine...smells just like the inside of a log cabin.
Love spell - Just like Victoria's Secret...a blend of fruit and floral.
Macintosh Apple - A very true fresh apple scent...just like you bit into an apple!
Mandarin and Green Tea - Beautiful clean scent of sweet orange and green tea.
Mango Papaya - A great fruity scent! A summer favorite.

Maple Pecan - The excellent warm baking scent of maple and pecan.

Milk Chocolate - a very realistic chocolate scent...can you say Hershey's?

Midnight Pomegranate - Pomegranate with a musky undertone.

Mid Summers Night - the scent of a very popular men's cologne .

Merlot - A  deeply complex red wine scent.
Mom's Apple Pie - a favorite! Just like a warm juicy apple pie from the oven.

Nantucket Briar - subtle  floral on a background of fresh greenery. 

Ocean - A clean crisp scent like the crashing ocean waves.

Orange Clove- A popular country combination. 

Orange Creamsicle - Just like a kid again! Sweet orange & creamy vanilla.

Perfect Pear - the scent of biting into a crisp, ripe pear.

Pink Sugar - Cotton candy, vanilla, caramel...smells great!

Pumpkin Marshmallow - pumpkin pie with dash of sweet cream.

Pumpkin  Spice  - a very spicy pumpkin sure to please.
Pumpkin Praline - A house filler and my personal favorite Pumpkin Scent. 
Pumpkin with pecans and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Peaches and Cream - a bowl of fresh peaches with a dollop of sweet cream.

Purple Cow - Like a creamsicle but  made with grape. A strong grape scent

Rain - A very pleasant scent....outdoors after a rain shower.

Root beer - The spicy scent of old fashioned root beer barrel candies.
Sage & Citrus - A great combination of earthy sage and crisp citrus.
Salty Sea Air - A great clean fresh beach air type of scent.

Sandalwood - An earthy scent just like the incense.
Smoke & Odor Eliminator - A lemon lime scent that will rid your home of odors from cigarettes, pets, cooking, etc. Yes, it really works!

Spiced Apple Cider - Warm apple cider with all  the mulling spices.

Strawberry Shortcake - fresh strawberries with a warm  vanilla cake.

Summer Love - A beautiful scent that will remind you of young love.

Sugar Cookies - the rich goodness of warm sugar cookies.
Summer Love - Sweet and flirty, like your first summer love!

Tibetan Amber - Amber, sandalwood and patchouli.
Toasted Marshmallow - Rich wonderful vanilla type scent- Campfire memories
Vanilla - A true rich vanilla scent.

 Vanilla Bean Noel - A rich sweet  vanilla cookie, with marshmallow and a hint of caramel. 

*Seasonal Scents
I am alway in the testing phase for some great new scents. Please check back often for updates. For that reason, some scents may be retired, or become seasonal.  If your favorite scent isn't listed, please send me an email and I can let you know if it will be available. My email address is I truly appreciate your feedback! 
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