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Please note: Candles are hand poured at time of order, so please allow about 10 days to receive your order.

Also, orders of $60 and over ship for free! Happy Holidays 


Apple Clove - A great apple spice scent - a favorite!
Apple Cinnamon - New and improved. This is the best combo I have ever had!

Baby Powder - A very true scent. The candle color is white.
Bamboo - A clean bamboo and green tea spa type scent.
Banana Bread - The small of warm banana bread from the oven.

Black Cherry - A strong, fruity black cherry scent.
Black Raspberry Vanilla - Excellent combination of black raspberries & vanilla.
Blessings - the warmest, strongest COUNTRY CINNAMON SPICE scent  yet!

Blueberry Muffin - Warm blueberry's a strong one!
Bonfire Bliss - Falling leaves, bonfire and sweet marshmallows! It's great!! .

Butt Naked - Watermelon, coconut and kiwi...a best seller!
Butternut Crunch - A rich, nutty, and creamy vanilla - a welcoming scent.

Caramel Pecan - Rich and decadent...this one will make your tongue hang out.
Chestnuts and Brown Sugar - warm roasted chestnuts swirled with sweet brown sugar. A best seller!

Cinnamon Crunch - My personal favorite Cinnamon scent! It's a strong house filler. A baking type cinnamon...I love it and I don't think you'll be disappointed!!
Cinnamon Vanilla - Rich vanilla smothered in spicy cinnamon.. a favorite!

Coconut Lime - just like the scent of the tropics!

Coffee Shop - The rich scent of freshly ground coffee - a coffee lovers favorite

Cool Citrus Basil - a clean, green herbal scent.
Country Cottage - A wonderful new scent! A bit of maple, a shot of bourbon and a dash of spice. Nice and won't be disappointed!

Country Morning Hotcakes - smells like Aunt Jemima's kitchen!
Creme Brulee - A strong sweet vanilla scent topped with rich caramel.
Cupcake - Smells just like you've got a batch of cupcakes in the oven.
Eucalyptus - A Vicks Vapor Rub type of scent perfect for winter sinuses.
Farmhouse Kitchen - All time best seller! Like spice cookies or gingerbread.
Forget Me Not - the truest fresh flower scent I have ever found.

Gardenia -  The beautiful scent of this tropical bloom is amazing.

Grandma's House - apples, cinnamon, vanilla...just the way my Grandmother's smelled when I was a child. 

Honeysuckle - A true wild honeysuckle scent.
Lavendeer very realistic herbal lavender known for its soothing properties.
Lemongrass - a clean and  fresh citrus scent.
Lemon Biscotti - Lemon cookies at their finest!
Lilac - One of the first flowers of spring...this is a very true lilac scent.
Linen- clean and crisp. Just like fresh clean laundry.

Log Cabin - Cedar and pine...smells just like the inside of a log cabin.
Love spell - Just like Victoria's Secret...a blend of fruit and floral.
Macintosh Apple - A very true fresh apple scent...just like you bit into an apple!
Mandarin and Green Tea - Beautiful clean scent of sweet orange and green tea.

Maple Pecan - The excellent warm baking scent of maple and pecan.

Milk Chocolate - a very realistic chocolate scent...can you say Hershey's?

Mocha Latte -  a wonderful new scent  combining coffe with chicolate and steamed mink.

Mid Summers Night - the scent of a very popular men's cologne .

Merlot - A  deeply complex red wine scent.
Mom's Apple Pie - a favorite! Just like a warm juicy apple pie from the oven.

Mountain Berry - a wonderful really different berry scent. This one is strong but not too sweet. 

Nantucket Briar - subtle  floral on a background of fresh greenery. 

Pink Sugar - Cotton candy, vanilla, caramel...smells great!

Pumpkin Marshmallow - pumpkin pie with dash of sweet cream.

Pumpkin  Spice  - a very spicy pumpkin sure to please.
Pumpkin Praline - A house filler and my personal favorite Pumpkin Scent. 
Pumpkin with pecans and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Rain - A very pleasant scent....outdoors after a rain shower.

Root beer - The spicy scent of old fashioned root beer barrel candies.
Sage & Citrus - A great combination of earthy sage and crisp citrus.
Salty Sea Air - A great clean fresh beach air type of scent.

Salted Caramel - great caramel scent with hints of Himilayan Sea Salt.

Smoke & Odor Eliminator - A lemon lime scent that will rid your home of odors from cigarettes, pets, cooking, etc. Yes, it really works!

Spiced Apple Cider - Warm apple cider with all  the mulling spices.

Summer Love - A beautiful scent that will remind you of young love.

Summer Love - Sweet and flirty, like your first summer love!

Tibetan Amber - Amber, sandalwood and patchouli.
Toasted Marshmallow - Rich wonderful vanilla type scent- Campfire memories
Vanilla - A true rich vanilla scent.

  • Seasonal  Scents

Bayberry- the traditional  holiday scent thought to bring good luck. 

Christmas Cookies -  a great cookie scent - they will think you've   been
baking all day!

Christmas Tree -  the true scent of   a fresh cut pine tree

Country Christmas - All the scents of the Season 

Cranberry Spice-  a strong cranberry scent with a generous amount of spice

Fresh Baked Bread  - smells justlike a loaf of bread  coming out of the oven.

Harvest - a buttery cinnamon scent perfect for fall.                                               

Plumberry Spice-  a great Christmas candle! Sugarplums, spices on a base note of pine ...heavenly!                                                                                                                                                               
Pumpkin Spice - the  smell of sweet pumpkin with a dash of thesoicce

Pumpkin Marshmallow - smells like a piece of  pumpkkin pie with a dollop of sweet cream on top. 

Pumpkin Pie - This spicy pumpkin is spice lovers, pumpkin and lots of 
pumpkin pie spice.

Pumpkin Praline - an alltime favorite! Pumpine pie garnished with pecans    and brown sugar.                                         

Rocky Mountain Christmas - a Christmas favorite! This  scent contains Pine, some spices, a touch of mint.

Rustic Lodge - apples combined with the  wood smells of cabin
-you can go wrong for  a fall or winter candle.

Santa's Pipe - this scent of cherry tobacco bring back memories from days
gone by.

Silent night - Spiceson a  down of vanilla  bring to mind freshly fallen snow

Vanilla Bean Noel - A rich sweet  vanilla cookie, with marshmallow and a hint of cream.

Victorian Christmas - A traditioanal scent    of    orange and cloves 

Winter Lodge - the warm and cozy scent of cedarwood and vanilla.

Wood Smoke - the scent of wood burning in a fieplace or firepi.

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